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13 Year Old Kyrece Frances Drowns in River Thames

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Description of Incident
A 13-year-old boy pulled out of the River Thames by police last night drowned on the second day of the school holidays after apparently trying to retrieve a ball.

Kyrece Francis is believed to have died after getting into difficulty in the fast-flowing river in Marlow, Buckinghamshire at around 4.30pm yesterday.

The alarm was raised on the 22nd when a friend of Kyrece dialled 999 on his mobile phone to say that the boy had gone under the water and had failed to resurface.

It was believed he was swept downstream by the fast flowing current and his body was eventually found near the village of Bourne End.

Friends who were at the scene when the tragedy happened wrote on social media that before he disappeared beneath the surface for the last time, Kyrece shouted to his pals: 'I love you all.'

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