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Water Safety Map is now available for demonstration and testing. It is possible to add incidents to the database for review.

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Guidelines on Adding and Incident

Safetymap is a growing database of incidents all around the UK related to water safety. At present we have a limited dataset, but welcome submissions of incidents from the public and relevant authorities.

Single incident

Please use the form below to submit the details of a single incident. Please make reference to the source of the information, eg. press article or first hand account etc.

Multiple incidents

Please contact us to discuss data formats and types of the information you wish to send to us for inclusion and processing.

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Please keep information factual, quote all information sources if applicable and link to relevant internet based articles.
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Causalty Details

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Submission process
Once you have entered your incident details, they will be checked by our administration staff before going live on this website. Thank you.
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