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FOUR people and two dogs had to wade ashore after being cut off on a sandbank.

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Description of Incident
FOUR people and two dogs had to wade ashore after being cut off on a sandbank.
The drama happened off West Shore in Llandudno last Wednesday (December 29) at 1.10pm.
A passerby spotted that the four adults were in trouble and raised the alarm as quickly as they could.
A team of Llandudno coastguards and Conwy RNLI lifeboat were sent to the scene.
A Conwy RNLI spokesman said: �A member of the public phoned the HM Coastguard who called us out as a precaution.
�Two men and two women, and two dogs, were cut off from the shore.
�A Llandudno coastguard team were also sent and they directed the walkers ashore through a foot of water.�
He said that the Conwy lifeboat stood by ready in case it was needed.
The situation could easily have been worse as the tide was coming in at the time that the unnamed walkers got into difficulty.
He added: �It could have developed into something quite nasty.�
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