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Girl, 2, saves herself after falling into murky cana

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Description of Incident
A two-year-old girl who fell into a murky canal as her horrified mother watched managed to swim herself to safety.

Isabelle Byrne was able to paddle to the edge and get herself out - because she had begun swimming before she could walk.

The toddler was feeding ducks on a bank when she slipped as her grandmother and mother stood by her in Manchester.

The talented girl calmly swam to the edge and waited to be lifted to safety - and even fed the ducks again before going home to put on some clean clothes and dry out.

Isabelle had taken up water babies swimming classes in Solihull, West Midlands, when she was just eight weeks old.

Her father Maurice, 47, an accountant from Birmingham, said: 'It was your worst nightmare - but we are so proud of Isabelle. The way she turned around and swam back to the side was fantastic.

'When we've told other people about what happened, they couldn't believe how well she responded. But swimming classes have made her confident in the water.'

The drama happened on June 11 when the family were out walking close to Isabelle's grandmother's house, near Manchester.

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