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Body of missing boat teenager found

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Description of Incident
A body has been recovered from the shoreline near where a teenager went missing when a boat capsized in June.

Jake Miller, 18, from Turriff, was in a small boat with two friends at night when it overturned between Banff and Whitehills. His friends swam ashore.

Grampian Police said the body of a man has now been found on the shore at Whitehills.

Police said it was too early to confirm the identity of the deceased, but Jake Miller's family had been informed.

Mr Miller went missing off the Aberdeenshire coast after an accident in the early hours of 24 June.

His two friends managed to swim to rocks between Banff and Whitehills and raise the alarm shortly before 0100 BST.

The boat has been recovered but after extensive air, sea and coastal searches there was no sign of Mr Miller.
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