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Gloucester ASBO teen saves life

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Description of Incident
A teenager who received an Asbo aged 12 has been hailed a hero after saving a man from drowning in a Gloucester canal.

Ryan Muggleton became one of the youngest people to ever receive an Anti-Social Behaviour Order in 2006 after six years of terrorising his neighbours in the Podsmead area.

The 16-year-old is now turning his life around and putting his troubled past behind him.

And last night his lifesaving actions were praised by Hempsted granddad Daryll Cox.

Ryan and his friend Shane Hannis were returning from the new Sainsbury's store at Gloucester Quays when they heard Daryll's cry for help.

The Cam House School pupil said: "We heard shouting, and at first we thought it was a mate of ours messing around.

"Then we heard this man shout that he was going to drown, so we called an ambulance and ran over to pull him out of the canal.

"I was very shocked and scared but I put him in the recovery position and waited for the ambulance to arrive."

Daryll, 53, had fallen in the Gloucester to Sharpness canal while out riding his bike.

He had been in the water struggling for 20 minutes to stay afloat.

The granddad-of-one who suffered hypothermia ,said without the quick-thinking and heroic actions of the two lads things could have been different.

He said: "I left my home in Hempsted on my pushbike and I decided to take the canal path.

"It's well lit to start off with but it got darker and darker as I went along and I must have hit a boulder on the path because suddenly me and my bike ended up in the canal."

Daryll said it was around 8pm and already dark, so he struggled to find a way out of the water.

He said: "I couldn't see an inch in front of my face and it was very cold. I kept trying to pull myself out but it's quite difficult because the walls are quite high. I must have been there for about 20 minutes and you can only tread water for a certain amount of time."

Luckily, after the 20 lonely minutes in the canal, not knowing if he would survive, Daryll heard voices coming from the side and started crying out for help and Ryan and Shane came to his aid.

Daryll said: "There was a point when I thought I was done for. I was just hanging there from the side, getting more and more tired.

"If Ryan and Shane hadn't been there, God only knows what would have happened. As far as I'm concerned they are both heroes."

He added: "There does need to be some work on the lighting down there and maybe they should put some railings up.

"I don't think I'll be the last person to fall into the canal in the dark."

Ryan received his Asbo to curb his antics which included threatening residents with knives, smashing vehicles, stealing and even committing arson.

He was forbidden from entering an exclusion zone in Podsmead and was also subject to a two-year curfew to stop him roaming the streets at night.

But now the teen, who currently lives at a care home in Bream, near Lydney, and regularly visits his parents in Hempsted, said he has started to make some really positive changes to his life.

He said: "I used to be quite naughty before, I used to get in a bit of trouble with the police. I've started to turn my life around now."
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