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Dad drowns while attemtping to rescue pet dogs

What Happened
Person overboard/swept away/fell in the water
What Caused
Adverse environmental conditions
Casualty type/Qty
Causal Factors
Accident suspected
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Accident suspected

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Description of Incident
The 13-year-old had to be pulled back after Kevin ‘Wink’ Reynolds waded into the surf when the terrier dogs got into trouble. It is believed the 52-year-old may have slipped and banged his head, falling unconscious.

His daughter was seen following him into the sea but two beach guards hauled her on to the shore as it became clear she was getting into difficulties. Mr Reynolds was later pulled from the water by lifeboat crew and airlifted to hospital where his death was confirmed.

The drama happened on Saturday on Brighton beachfront, near the Palace Pier. A Sussex police spokesman said the dogs had run on to a groyne and had been swept away by a wave.

‘Mr Reynolds went into the sea to try to save the animals but got into difficulties,’ said the spokesman.

‘His daughter attempted to help him by following him in. Members of the public saw the incident and at least two people also entered the water and assisted in pulling the girl to safety.’

The girl, who has not been named, was assessed in hospital and later allowed to return home to her family in the town. One of the dogs survived but the body of the other was washed up yesterday. A coastguard spokesman said it was believed Mr Reynolds may have stumbled and hit his head, knocking himself unconscious in the water.

‘The beach staff kept him in sight as he floated unconscious in the sea until the arrival of the Brighton lifeboat,’ said the spokesman
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