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Man rescued from stricken vessel

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Description of Incident
A man was rescued from a stricken cabin cruiser off Ballywhisken by Donaghadee lifeboat.The lifeboat was requested to launch by the coastguard at 8pm on Tuesday evening to go to the aid of the casualty with three men aboard, which had run out of fuel, lost power and drifted on to rocks.On arriving on the scene the lifeboat found the six metre Shetland cabin cruiser on the rocks with two of the men having swam ashore.The lifeboat launched its xp boat with two crewmen on board, they successfully attached a line to the vessel and were able to tow it off the rocks and back to the waiting lifeboat.Once secure and with the two crew members on board with the rescued man, the vessel was towed safely back to Donaghadee harbour arriving just after 9.50pm.Donaghadee RNLI coxswain Philip McNamara in charge of the rescue, said we urge everyone going to sea to make sure their boat engines are properly maintained and in good working order and to always carry spare fuel.A coastguard spokesman said the two men had put themselves in danger by swimming ashore and that they should have stayed aboard the vessel until the lifeboat arrived.
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