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10 Year Old Arran Cooper Drowns in Scottish River

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Description of Incident
A 10-year-old boy has died after falling into a river during a camping holiday with his family.

Arran Cooper went exploring in the sunshine while his parents set up the camp beside the River Orchy in the Scottish Highlands.

But just a few minutes later, his mum spotted the youngster face down in the water.

Arran’s dad swam out and pulled his son out of the river, which was on the opposite bank from the family’s camp in Argyll .

His mum then flagged down a passing car which had a doctor inside. The medic swam across to Arran and his father and tried to resuscitate the boy.

Arran’s desperate mum ran up the road to find a mobile phone signal and called 999. An air ambulance and a Royal Navy helicopter were scrambled and raced to the scene.

Arran was airlifted to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow but despite the efforts of medics he died in the early hours of yesterday morning.
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