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Mother leaps in to save child after pram had rolled into River Exe

What Happened
Person overboard/swept away/fell in the water
What Caused
Machine/equipment problems
Casualty type/Qty
Causal Factors
Accident suspected
Injury Details
Amputation of hand/finger/toe
Near miss

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Description of Incident
The young girl’s mum leapt into the water after the buggy, with her daughter strapped inside, rolled into the River Exe at Exeter Quay in Devon during a dragon boat racing event.

Quick-thinking passers-by also hurled themselves into the water and the toddler, who is believed to be about a year old, was brought back to the safety of the quayside.

Victor Martinez, 51, said he did not think twice about jumping in to help with the dramatic rescue after he saw the young girl’s arms flailing from the sides of the pushchair.

He dived into the river and swam under the sinking pram to push it and the youngster back up to the surface.

He then helped the youngster’s shocked mother bring the girl, who is understood to have been completely unharmed in the drama, back to the quayside.
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