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Young Father Drowns at Holiday Park in East Sussex

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Accident suspected

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Description of Incident
A young father-of-three drowned in the fishing lake of a caravan park after being pepper sprayed by police following an alcohol-fuelled late night confrontation with officers.

Shortly after 11pm on Saturday night officers approached Mr Stent in a bid to pacify him. However, it was claimed by police that he then struck out at one of the officers before they decided to 'incapacitate' him by using pepper spray.

Mr Stent then ran away from officers towards the nearby lake which has clear signs advising that swimming is not allowed.

Having jumped into the water shortly after 11.20pm he tried to swim some 70 metres to reach a small wooden jetty on the other side of the lake.

'Police and his friends were all shouting at him to come back to the shore but he was swearing at them,' said the eye-witness whose home is near the jetty.

'I was alerted that something was going on because I had three night fishing rods out on the lake and I heard the bite detector alarms going off. He must have touched the fishing lines as he swam.

'I was on my chalet balcony and saw him clearly on the lily pads for about thirty seconds and then he went limp and he was gone.'

According to residents police and firefighters searched for Mr Stent using lights and at least three boats until around 4am.
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