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Father-of-two drowns in park pond

What Happened
Person tired/overwhelmed by water
What Caused
Human factor
Casualty type/Qty
Causal Factors
Lack of awareness of hazards/obstacles
Injury Details
Accident suspected

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Description of Incident
Jason Owens, 43, from The Strand area of Holywell died when he got into difficulty swimming in Greenfield Valley Park.

It is believed he was with friends when tragedy struck at the Flower Cotton Mill pond in Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Holywell just after 5.20pm on Saturday.

Police said Mr Owens had apparently been trying to swim across the pond when he got into difficulties. Jason had been at the pool, with Tony Daly, his cousin, and Jason’s two Jack Russell dogs Rocky and Lola.

Mr Feliciello said he had been working in his garage at the time and could hear the two men in the water laughing and chatting. He said it had come as a total shock to hear a cry for help. Mr Feliciello said Jason had been too far out to reach but said Mr Daly had shown incredible bravery going in to try to save his cousin. “He dived in and got him by the neck,” he said. But he said Mr Daly eventually had to let go because he was getting into difficulty himself and Jason was tangled in the weeds.

Flintshire councillor for Holywell, Peter Curtis, described the death as “tragic”.

Police said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident.
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