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Underage drinker nearly drowned

What Happened
Person overboard/swept away/fell in the water
What Caused
Human factor
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Near miss
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Near miss

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Description of Incident
An underage drinker, who was just 14, nearly died as he passed out in a river after drinking too much alcohol. Central Scotland Police said that the boy was with a 14-year-old friend, and both were found heavily under the influence of alcohol in the Laighhills Park area of Dunblane, Perthshire, on Wednesday afternoon. They said that the first boy passed out before falling into the fast flowing River Allan, where a young girl spotted he was in danger. She ran to get help from a passing stranger, who helped drag the teen out the water. Police attended at the scene with ambulance staff, and the boy's friend was found lying in a nearby skate park. Police said they had been part of a larger group who had left the scene prior to the alarm being raised around 5pm on Wednesday, and the two boys were eventually taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary. Communities policing inspector Brian Sharkey said:
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