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Brothers drown trying to rescue geese

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Accident suspected

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Description of Incident
TWO brothers trying to rescue injured geese at a wildlife reserve drowned in a tragic accident yesterday morning.

Trainee gamekeeper Luke Yardy, 17, had taken half-brother Ashley, 22, on to the water in a wooden rowing boat when he spotted a flock of geese in distress.

Luke leaned out to help an injured bird but fell into the freezing water and Ashley – a former ­swimming pool lifeguard – dived in to save him. But both got caught in thick mud and dense reeds which surround the lake.
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Luke’s father Andrew Fountain, 56, could only watch from the bank as the boys slipped under the water at the Kingfishers Bridge Project near Wicken Fen, Cambs.

Divers and a boat team – probing the water with a metal pole – started searching the remote lake known as The Mere at 9am.

As darkness fell last night it was believed they had recovered one body and were still searching for a second.

Luke and Ashley’s distraught mother Amanda Fountain was being comforted by a police liaison officer at their home in Stretham, Cambs, while both the boys’ fathers were at the scene helping police in the search.

Ashley’s grandfather Ron Yardy, 82, who lives in Stretham, said: “Luke was a very caring lad, that’s why he enjoyed doing his job being a gamekeeper.

“He saw three geese and was trying to check if they were injured or dead when he fell in.”

Ashley’s uncle Terry Yardy added: “They are both good lads. It is a terrible thing to happen.”

Opened in 1995, The Kingfishers project transformed 150 acres of arable farmland into a wildlife reserve for more than 200 species of birds and 300 plant species.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/09/12/brothers-drown-trying-to-rescue-geese-as-dad-watches-helpless-from-lake-bank-115875-23414106/#ixzz1XkDlfLvY
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