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Boy saves friend from canal drowning

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A TEENAGER saved his best friend�s life � despite him being three times his size.

Adam Greening, 16, had to be pulled from a canal in Eastmoor after getting into dificulty when he jumped into the cold water.

His super-strong, but smaller, friend Sam Brear, 15, managed to keep 24-stone, 6ft 7ins tall Adam afloat and alive until the emergency services arrived.

Adam, of Saville Street, College Grove, said: �I thought I was going to die - it was awful.

�It was the first time I�ve swum in a canal and I won�t be doing it again.�

St Thomas a Beckett School pupil Sam is only 5ft 1ins and weighs eight-and-a-half stones.

He said: �I kept trying to get him out of the water but I couldn�t physically do it.

�So I kept talking to him until the fire brigade came.�

Adam�s mum, Faith Greening, 58, thanked everyone who helped Adam.

She said: �We were told if they hadn�t had got him out when they did he would have died.

�If he had been in there any longer he would have drowned.

�We�re just so grateful to everyone who helped him.�

Crews from Wakefield, Leeds, Brighouse and Ossett were called to the canal near to Broad Reach Bridge, on Park Lodge Lane, on Thursday night at 8.30pm.

Wakefield crew commander David Hollingsworth said: �This boy was very lucky to be alive. Young people need to realise how dangerous it is to jump into canals.�
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