Runner Dives in to Save Drowning Man in River Thames

Runner dived into Thames to save drowning manA runner dived into the River Thames to rescue a drowning man near Charing Cross Bridge on Monday, July 7.

Have-a-go hero Ben Corr, 36, of Ealing threw a life ring then plunged into the river from the footpath to save the floundering man.

This video below shows the Tower lifeboat crew pulling Corr and the man from the Thames.

The RNLI’s statement on the incident reads: “Running along the South Bank this morning, Ben Corr was expecting a normal Monday in the office. That changed when he was alerted to a man struggling in the Thames. After trying to throw a life ring to the casualty, Ben carefully weighed up the situation & made the decision to go in and swim to the casualty. Meanwhile, Tower lifeboat crew had been alerted & were heading up river. They found both men floating near the London Eye and safety pulled them on board. We don’t advise people to carry out rescues themselves, but Ben made a very measured and selfless decision to go in – and for that we take our hat off to him.”

It follows a similar story back in 2010 when a homeless man dived in to the rescue of a young woman who had found herself in trouble in the Thames. At the time he stated: “There was a woman about 20 feet away in the middle of the river. I grabbed a life ring but it wouldn’t reach so I took off my jacket and jumper, dived in and swam as fast as I could.”

“I held her to my chest with one hand and used the other to swim back. It was a struggle. I only did what needed to be done.”

Please take care near the Thames when you’re out and about in London by remaining at a relatively far distance away from the edge.

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Photo credit: RNLI Youtube

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