Jedward Nearly Drown on North Dublin Beach

JedwardJedward, the Irish pop group, has been rescued by the Irish Coast Guard after they became trapped by the incoming tide in north Dublin.

The twins, John and Edward Grimes, were with another family member when they got into difficulty on the Malahide Estuary late on Tuesday night.

The Irish Coast Guard received a report that the three had become “disoriented in the area due to the falling darkness and unusually fast incoming tide”.

The twins’ mother, Susanna Grimes, told the Irish Sun that her sons became stranded on shifting sands and were “badly shaken” after their “terrifying” experience.

“It was terrifying. They ended up on shifting sands, surrounded by water. This could have been a terrible tragedy.

“The boys were getting more and more desperate as the water was coming in. Thank God the Coast Guard sent the helicopter up and it found them trapped on sands near Malahide,” she told the paper.

They told The Sun: “We really thought we’d died. We were in complete pitch dark.

“We went for a walk down the beach and found ourselves stuck. It took two days for us to stop shaking.”

Luckily, the pop duo managed to phone their mother to raise the alarm, and the coast guard rescued the brothers despite poor visibility.

Water Safety Map advise you to take care when walking along the coast at night, the tides can often shift and change drastically without you realising.

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