Fourth Boy Drowns within the Space of a Week during National Heatwave

Four young males have all died over the past week in the United Kingdom in a spate of drownings all over the country. It has led to widespread calls to raise awareness for water safety for all youngsters.

Arran Cooper, 10, was found face down in a riDrowning UKver in Scotland on the 22nd of July after he had wandered off from his parents on a family holiday. The tragic youngster had gone exploring while his parents set up tents and could not be saved by doctors.

On the same day, Kyrece Frances, 13, drowned in the River Thames and his body was eventually found in the village of Bourne End. He was reportedly trying to fetch a ball that had fallen in the water. Friends who were at the scene when the tragedy happened wrote on social media that before he disappeared beneath the surface for the last time, Kyrece shouted to his pals: ‘I love you all.’

Conor McColl, 16, drowned on the 24th of July after going missing in a quarry in Clophill. The fire service had rescued two other teenage boys from an island in the lake on Thursday. Conor’s body was found at 13:20 BST on Friday. Police said he got into difficulties and went under the water.

On the 25th of July, Rony John, 15, was found drowned in the River Ouse after he had gone swimming with his friends during the first day of the summer holidays.

“We understand the temptation to want to go swimming at open water sites, especially on a sunny day. But it is important to consider that even on a hot day the water might be a lot colder or deeper than you were expecting and there may be under water debris that you cannot see from the bank.

“With the heat, we often see young people, particularly men, tempted to cool off or jump into open water. If you are going to swim at inland water sites then don’t go alone.

“Consider how you are going to get out of the water before you get in, and be honest about your swimming ability.”

For more details on any of the accidents, please see the links below:

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