Cold Water

cold waterWith Christmas just around the corner, a lot of us Brits are packing up our bags and heading off somewhere else. A lot of people escape the country to somewhere warmer, or more festive, but with the current state of the economic climate, a lot of us would rather stay in the United Kingdom and see family and friends, even if it’s just across the country for a few days.

This year the weathers not been so bad, this time last year we were covered in snow and ice and nobody wanted to go anywhere or do anything.

The adventurous type should remember to be careful though, an incident was recently submitted to Water Safety Map about a 22 year old rugby player who drowned after his kayak capsized because of strong winds.

At this time of year the weather can catch us all off guard, and even if it’s a few degrees warmer and not icy on the roads this year, the water is still bitterly cold and the weather can suddenly turn. Avoid any water sports without proper supervision!

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