Some initial patterns with incidents

Water saftey mapSafety map is going well since its launch last week. We are busy looking at UK incidents and entering information into the database. As we are doing this we have been struck by the number of accidents that are due to people just accidentally falling into waterways. It seems quite obvious, but often alcohol can be a major contributing factor in a serious incident. This ties in really well with various other education initiatives we have seen around the world, it’s good to see resources being pointed where they are needed.

“It may seem like a great idea to go for a swim when you’ve been drinking. After all, a nice cooling dip is a tempting prospect on a hot day or after a night out. But between a quarter and half of all adult drowning victims have alcohol in their bloodstream.(14) Alcohol is present in around a third to two-thirds of people who drown in swimming and boating accidents.(15) Alcohol is also a factor in around one in eight domestic drownings, with falling into a garden pond, slipping in the bath and falling asleep in the bath among the most common causes.(16)”Drinkaware – 10th march 2011

We have a number of tasks on our to do lists for this week including –

  • add a facility for the public to correct, add to or comment on an incident
  • various visual enhancements to the site
  • identify existing data sets of incidents that we would be allowed to use

We would be particularly interested to hear from and work with any bodies that hold incident data.

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